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A combination given to the D20 Modern System of Wizards and the Pathfinder System of Paizio. This is Open Gaming Material built to enhance the systems of the past making a new and brighter future for both GMs and Players.


Since the conception of the D20 Modern System it has completed the want and need in the world for a modern game genre much like a Rifts or Shadowrun in a system that is both easy to under and comfortable for players, but with the introduction of Pathfinder the rules seemed to be lacking. Thus the combination of two very similar but different systems into the the world, Pathfinder Modern. Not to be confused with Modern Path because after taking a look at that piece I was just left with just a bad taste in my mouth. Although to be honest I stopped reading when I saw it gave a .50AE pistol round more damage than both a 12-gauge shotgun and a 5.56mm rifle round.


D20 Modern/Future Campaign SettingEdit

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